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I did forget a few things so I'm adding them in below.  I wanted to have them all in once place so I didn't have to hunt to hard for them.

Mental Health and Well-being
  • Be up front and honest with my family instead of avoiding having hard conversations. (I started this already when I told my mom I didn't want to go to Hawaii if I was going to be under Dad's thumb and not an independent person.  She's trying to arrange a family vacation, which, knowing my family, probably won't happen because mom and I are the only planners.  However, I told her it was difficult for me to be pleasant and not "ruin" other people's vacations when I had no say in my own participation.  I am 42 years old but my dad insists upon treating me like I'm 16 when we get together as a family.)
  • Continue daily journalling for my personal use
  • Figure out Christmas presents early in the year so I can work on them slowly and not be cramming everything into the last 2-3 months making myself miserable.
  • Continue participating in the University Chorale
  • Read!  My goal is at least 100 books.  I don't really care if  they are just fun and fluffy. 
  • Reduce screen time at home.  Perhaps audio books will help with this.
  • Learn a couple of new skills.  I have two knitting skills in mine, Entrelac and Brioche knitting.  But I'd like at least one to be non-knitting related.
  • ADDED Attend at least two cultural events (preferably with Jana but not exclusively)

Physical Health and Well-being
  • Continue to take my water aerobics class
  • Lose weight.  I'd like to get below 200 lbs by the first of next year.  That's about 36 lbs.  Normally, I wouldn't obsess about this but my surgery revealed that I have a fatty liver and the ONLY way to treat that is to lose weight. I think this is a reasonable goal.  If I could do that, I'd only have 25 lbs to go to get to my personal goal weight (perhaps not the doctors).
  • In that vein, continue tracking food intake and activity on my Fitbit
  • Once the surgery side effects have stabilized, see a nutritionist to discuss a balanced diet with my severely limited options- I think this should happen no later than March.
  • Get back to hiking- 3-5 hikes this year would be lovely.  This is a little weather dependent and so the last goal I had of 9 was not particularly feasible.
  • Exercise 3-5 days a week.  Water aerobics will take care of this if I go faithfully but if not, I need to get out and walk to replace the missed days
Craft goals
  • Complete the Christmas knitting.  I finished Mom's socks over the weekend but I still need to get Candy's Star Wars scarf completed- it's about half done at this point.
  • Learn Entrelac and Brioche knitting (as per above)
  • Complete 3-5 shawls. I have at least seven shawls in my queue that I already have yarn for and lots of other yarn besides
  • ADDED Complete Fiori di Sole.  It can count as one of
  • Complete the Poet's pullover.  I have the yarn and it's supposed to be an easy sweater.
  • Sew one thing a month using already acquired fabric. I have a ton of fabric matched with patterns already.
  • ADDED Sew two bliauts (Linen and wool).  These can count as part of my one a month but I may have to buy linen for one.
  • ADDED Embellish the green tunic completely.  I have a good idea of what this should look like in my head, which makes it easier than any of the other embellishment. Work on embellishing other SCA gear.

Financial goals
  • Become a Stampin' Up demonstrator and meet the quarterly goals- preferably without buying all the product for myself. (I have signed up and opened my website but now I have to meet the goals)
  • Put $1000 in the savings account.
  • Use my credit card only for my business expenses
  • Pay down the balance on the card using my tax return.
  • Try making home cleaning/personal products.  I have recipes for laundry detergent, shampoo, conditioner, and multipurpose cleaners.  It's possible some would be cheaper to make than buy and better for me or the environment.  I should also make some wool dryer balls- I suppose this is both a craft and a financial goal
  • I need to start thinking and planning for buying a new car

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