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Puddin sacked out next to me on the couch.

Note the tongue ;>)

He's really out. Now it's my turn. Good night!
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Last night I was sitting on the couch and Puddin was yowling at my feet. He got up on the couch walked over to where the blanket had fallen off the back of the couch, looked at the blanket, looked at me, looked at the couch seat, looked at me, and yowled. When, like an obedient human servant, I put the blanket on the seat, he immediately crawled onto the blanket and fell asleep.
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Dr. Conklin euthanized Sinatra while he sat in my lap in his home.

Rest in peace baby boy

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I think I need to have Sinatra put down. The poor boy is skin and bones and constantly leaking. I hate the thought though. He's such a sweet and loving cat but I don't think he has much quality of life now. I can't cuddle him very well and he doesn't understand. His bottom is raw and sore and there doesn't appear to be anything I can do for him without heroic efforts with no guaranteed results. I will call the housecall vet soon and have her take a look. I value her opinion. She'll be able to tell me if there is anything I can do that would have any real benefit.

And my house stinks- incontinent cat...ick. But if there is any hope, I'll deal with it to give him a chance.

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I finally corralled Whisper. She wrapped a computer cord around her foot and I had to untangle her but couldn't grab her as I did. She made uncountable laps around the house. I closed all the doors so she was limited to the kitchen, living room and hall. She bounced off the screen door once so I closed that as well. She hit the glass door once but at least she wasn't likely to break that. I finally caught her in the window but she became a kitty blender, all teath and claws. I managed to put her to the ground and wrap her in a blanket with only one scratch. Then it was into the cat carrier with her hissing and growling the whole time. I left the blanket over the carrier to keep her from being too stressed out...I hope. I think I'm breathing just as hard and suffering almost as much stress as she is. I'm glad I don't have to do this often. I really need to see about making friends with her so this is easier. Any ideas? I've heard baby food hotdogs work.

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