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1. The coming of green (grass, trees, flowers, St. Patrick)
2. The great silliness that is St. Patrick's day
3. Fresh faced flowers bursting up from below
4. Spring Break (not that I get a vacation but I get a vacation from students, anyway)
5. First SCA camping event of the season (Usually BRRRRRRrrrrr!)
6. Unpredictable weather-It's just interesting; will it be a lion or lamb month?
7. Lengthening days
8. Warming weather
9. All the lovely family and friends with birthdays
10. Baby lambs!
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I didn't think I could do this one because I have had limited exposure to movies. However, after looking at the Wikipedia entry on Academy Award winners I realized I'd seen more than I thought. In fact, way more than 10. I can't differentiate between them as far as my absolute favorites. So my list, in alphabetical order until it's done:


Anne of the Thousand Days

Babe- I still hear him singing Christmas carols...Lalala

Bedknobs and Broomsticks

Dangerous Liaisons- one of my all-time favorites

Dirty Dancing

Dr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas



Forrest Gump- Sometimes it's nice to believe in the impossible


Good Will Hunting

Happy Feet

Holiday Inn

Lion in Winter- I have both versions but this is my favorite. "When PIGS FLY!" "There will be PORK in the treetops by morning!"

Lion King

Little Mermaid

Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers

TheMadness of King George

March of the Penguins

Mary Poppins



Men in Black

Monsters, Inc.

Moulin Rouge!

Mrs. Doubtfire

My Cousin Vinny

My Fair Lady


Seven Brides for Seven Brothers

Shakespeare in Love- I love Dame Judy Dench. "Too late! Too Late!"


The Sound of Music- One of my favorite musicals

The Thomas Crown Affair

Top Gun- I watched it once and now I know how it ends, I won't watch it again. Still a very good movie.


Who Framed Roger Rabbit
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Well this will be a fairly boring list. Most don't need any explanation.

1. Alarm clock- The radio variety with two alarms

2. Alarm clock- travel variety with temperature display and auto update. I like to know what the temperature is and this clock has real time whereas most of my other clocks are in varying states of fast.

3. Facial tissue- extra strong with lotion...brand varies

4. Water bottle- I get thirsty in the night. I like having water near by.

5. Toe nail clippers- Well it makes sense. I sit on my bed to put on my shoes. No better time to clip the toenails.

6. Lamisil spray- same reason as the toenail clippers.

7. Ear plugs- When things are too noisy to sleep easily.

8. Eucerin Lotion- I don't think I need to explain this. ;>)

9. Bible- This is my daily reading before I go to work.

10. Biblical concordance- This helps me find a reference I'm thinking about and is more inclusive than the one in my bible.
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This is a little bit difficult...I don't wear make up so I'll just list my basics....

1. Paul Mitchell Awapuhi shampoo. Long hair requires care. I also used to use the leave in conditioner but discovered it wasn't as necessary when I don't wash my hair every day.

2. Biolage conditioning balm. Deep conditioning for the ends of my hair. I use it every time I shampoo.

3. Dove Soap and Body wash. My allergist suggested that I switch to Dove because it is a more hypo-allergenic formula. So far it's been just fine.

4. Vanilla Fantasy Body spray. Love this fragrance and it loves me.

5. E Burnam Retinol ultra skin with sunscreen. It's a mail order cream with a low SPF that I use daily for my face, neck, and shoulders. It doesn't cause stinging which I have found with many other skin care products

6. Degree solid. Who says women don't sweat?! I do and I don't like the odor, so I use an anti-perspirant/deodorant. Mostly I stick to the powder fresh fragrance rather than anything more odiferous.

7. Eucerin Calming Creme. It's not my favorite fragrance or feel but it does a good job of moisturizing and is another hypo-allergenic product recommended by my allergist.

8. Bath and Body Works Vanilla Noel body wash and lotion. This is my guilty pleasure. It is not as nourishing to the skin as my other products but I LOVE the fragrance. I can't use it every day but I do use it several times a week. It's only available at Christmas time.

9. Body Works Vanilla Spice body wash (and lotion if they have it). Also a guilty pleasure, also only available at Christmas time and we do not have a local store. I was gifted with a bottle and fell in love. Haven't gotten any more since, though. (are you seeing a fragrance theme yet?)

10. Lamisil spray. I fight a constant battle with fungal infections, mostly on my feet but also under my tummy and under my bra. Nothing seems to work better.

That wasn't as hard as I expected. But I could add my toothpaste (mentadent) and have my whole toilet. I also use a St. Ives apricot scrub once in a while when my pores feel really clogged. I think that's it. Of course I'm not at home so I might remember something when I see it.
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A blog I follow does a 10 on Tuesday entry and I thought perhaps it would be fun to join in and do somethign a bit different... a bit late (the whole weeks is that way when Monday is a holiday) but here is my 10 on Tuesday (on Wednesday).

My family never had a television so we played a lot of games together- still do, actually. We did have a Nintendo, which was hooked to a Commodore 64 monitor, which, incidentally, my parents still have and use. We played Super Mario and Legends of Zelda most frequently but I am limiting this list to non-computerized games.

1. Rook. Rook was a favorite when all the cousins got together at hunting camp. We could sit and play for hours. My oldest cousins introduced it to us when they were in their early teens. Most of the time, when my brother and his wife come to visit, we play several hands of Rook.

2. Rummy. I don't know when we started playing Rummy but we have been playing it since elementary school at least. This was another camp favorite but it doesn't require a big group. My grandmother and I often played this game during the summers when my mom was in grad school and we went camping with my dad and my grandparents.

3. Rummikub. This is also a rummy game but played with tiles. I like this game because you can strategically rearrange tiles as long as you leave three in each set to use your own tiles. I was very good at seeing these possibilities and would inevitably rearrange the entire board before going out. Of course, this could also lead to some colossal mistakes which could ruin a game if you couldn't remember how to put things back. I haven't played in years but we really enjoyed it and we all still have the tile sets.

4. Uno. Does anyone not play Uno? Seriously? They have so many versions out now- I think Robert and Carrie bought Uno Attack for Mom and Dad for Christmas. It's a crowd favorite at Thanksgiving. It's a very simple game and even the young children can play it.

5. Skipbo. On camping trips my brother, mother and I would sit at the trailer table and deal out great stacks of cards and play until someone got rid of all of them. There is actually quite a bit of strategy to the game since you can play your discards to the table later.

6. Scrabble. This is not a game I played with my brother at all but one I sat and played with my mother. She and my grandmother had a good natured rivalry over scrabble and there was always at least one game per visit. Sometimes I joined; sometimes I watched. I haven't ever become as good a player as my mother- she's got all those 2 letter and Q without U words memorized.

7. Yahtzee. My grandmother kept this game in her stack and my double cousins, brother and I would often sit and play triple Yahtzee at Grandma's kitchen table. If nothing else, it was a good way to practice math skills. Dice rarely roll well for me but Yahtzee has so many rolls that it all evens out in the end.

8. Solitaire. There are many many versions of solitaire and we learned to play a great variety. It was a good game because it didn't require interaction with your siblings which, you know does have some benefits at times. My cousin and I sometimes played double solitaire where you can play on the other person's cards but it wasn't a frequent thing. I even learned a hand held version which didn't require any table space for those times when I wanted to hide in my bunk while we were camping.

9. Clue. My strategy for this game only worked with a good hand and a long game. I was rather linear in my logic and my brother might guess before I'd figured it out. Still it was a fun game and not one in which you could cheat(a consideration when playing with young siblings).

10.A combination of Murder in the dark, Snake in the Grass, Hide and Seek, and Tag. My brother and I played this game with out double cousins. We played all the games individually but we'd also turn off the lights start touching the "snake" and then disappear into the darkness. In this game the snake didn't have to stay on the floor but we were supposed to stay within the room. The idea was to be as quiet as possible and stay out of reach of the snake- it was particularly hard to figure out when the game was over. Another variation was played in the woods below my aunt and uncle's house. It was our version of Calvin ball I think. ;>) As a teen I played war games in a similar fashion. We'd all wear camo or black, sneak into a park after dark, scatter and then try to be the last one standing. I actually had someone step on me once and not see me until I spoke and grabbed their leg.

Great memories.

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