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I got presents wrapped last night. My presents to family are coming in the unfinished format for the most part. (Read Yarn....) I'm hoping to finish one sock for my brother, then I'm going to wrap it and the yarn and needles into a bag and tell him he has to make the other one. ;>) It will be good for a laugh and of course I'll finish the other sock.

I had all of my dad's presents to Mom to wrap too. I dropped by Wednesday night to take a peak at the dress my mom made for my niece and my mom mentioned that she hadn't wrapped gifts yet. At which point my dad said "So, when are you going to wrap my gifts, Sis?" My reply was a sarcastic but good natured "When you ask." But I took all the gifts home with me and made sure they got proper care and treatment. Who knows how they would turn out if Dad wrapped them. For my own amusement I wrapped every gift in a different paper, no repeats. Yes, I do believe I may have too much gift wrap.

Tonight I must make cheesecakes- using Marian's recipe and not a modern one. They have less sugar and a very different flavor that I think will be a lovely addition to the usual suspects. I don't know when I'm going to finish Therin's sock. I work tomorrow with Mom and Dad. Dad mentioned something about filling a trench with gravel. Uggh. Mom lost her boot in that muddy trench yesterday. I like Mom's idea better; she wants to finish putting up the dahlia's for the winter. Either way, I don't imagine I'll have much knitting time. Add to that, my brother will be here at some point and I won't be able to work on them in his presence.

The holiday will be a strange one...Have I said that already? To accommodate my aunt and uncle's schedule, we will be having Christmas dinner on Sunday. This will be the first Christmas without my Grandmas. :>( I imagine Christmas eve will be Christmas presents and maybe a full day of family time. Christmas day, my brother and his SO have to go home in the early morning so we have no plans to do anything. I will try to go to Carrie's for their Christmas open house in the afternoon/evening.

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