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I have an appointment with an allergist on Monday the 18th. Prior to that appointment, I must be off all of my antihistamines for 7 days. This is day three and I am itching like crazy. I don't know if I can make it 7 days! I don't know what's causing it- the websites say there are no environmental allergies right now. I don't know that I believe that! I'm scratching until my skin is red- all over! ARGH!!!
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This ick started two Friday's ago and I'm still feeling less than 100%. The doctor thinks it's exacerbated by my allergies so I'm actually fighting two things. Lots of nausea but only two instances of vomiting (thank goodness). Lower GI is still a little quivery but not too bad. Mostly my stomach feels like it's sitting in my throat, my face hurts, my ears hurt and I'm exhausted all the time. I had a fever off and on all week.

I tried some homeopathic earache drops but they contained belladonna which apparently, even in 20ppm, causes a poison oak type reaction on me. Fortunately it reacted on the outside of my ear instead of the inside. That would have been ugly. I did go to urgent care because of the ear pain but there isn't an infection- a little fluid in one ear but otherwise normal. Dr. says it's the Eustachian tubes opening and closing because of pressure put on them from outside- the pain comes when they stick closed, even momentarily. I have a lot of swelling/tightness/pressure just behind my jaw on both sides and that's probably the cause. What is causing that is probably the virus and allergies. Only thing I can do is wait it out.

I missed work Tuesday and Friday last week and only worked a half day on Monday. I didn't feel any better in between but my sick leave is really low and the boss was encouraging me to be here. I could have used vacation or furlough time but the boss really wants me to save those for doing something fun and relaxing- sick isn't a good use of it, in his opinion. I can respect that. He was also sick and worked only half days all week. It was a bit of a competition to see who could last the longest. I missed whole days and he missed half but I think over all it was pretty even.

Yesterday, I was hibernating at home, avoiding spreading germs to the older folks in the church. So Robert and Carrie came over, dropped off some groceries and kidnapped me. Carrie drove my car to their house and Robert drove me there in their car. Seemed silly but I wasn't likely to leave the house otherwise. I spent most of the day and night lounging on their couch. We watched some movies, I did some electronic scrap-booking on my laptop. Unfortunately, sleep was elusive last night and interspersed with nightmares.

Today, I'm tired but at work. Nausea is in the background but not as bad as it has been. My ears are crackling and popping but I'm going to try to make it through the day.
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Today was all about annual medical stuff. I won't tell you about the joys of having a retroverted uterus during these wonderful exams...I'm sure you ladies can imagine and the gentlemen would rather not.

The NP talked to me about lots of stuff. She's a skinny gal and I'm not; but to give her credit, I brought up my weight problem, not her. However, it's really hard for her to understand the frustration of being genetically predisposed to fat. I did water aerobics 3 days a week for 6 months and never lost a pound. I watch my diet, although I recognize that I need to be more careful with serving size. I've worked pretty hard this year to lower my fat content. But she advocated for a low carb diet- which by her definition is avoiding wheat products. *sigh* I told her I had trouble staying on any diet that made me feel like I couldn't have something. So we bickered good naturedly about it and she conceded to refer me to a dietitian. FINALLY! This has been my goal for at least a year now.

She also told me I needed to exercise for at least an hour every day. Where do I find an hour a day to exercise? And what exercise do I do that doesn't leave me hurting so badly I want to cry? She really felt like a bicycle was my best option if my back will allow it. I've been trying to fit a bike purchase into my budget but it hasn't happened yet. It won't happen this next month either. However, I will plan to go back to water aerobics in the fall.

She is also going to refer me to an allergist. She looked at my ears, and my throat and said...."Is this normal?" Unfortunately, it is for this time of year at least. I go through an average of four boxes of tissue a month. We talked about the fact that my body hurts so much. I know that weighing less would help but I also think that I may have some sort of food allergy that is contributing to this generalized inflamation that shows up on my blood tests but the cause of which has not been identified. I see a prick test in my future. Whee! She also warned me that just because a prick test was positive, didn't mean I was truly allergic only that I had dermatalogical reaction. True allergies are those that show both on the prick test and the blood test. Interesting!

I went and visited the vampires thereafter. Another poke in the hand but only one! YEAY! They are doing complete metabolic and lipid panels as well as a TSH (thyroid) and A1C. It was time to check my cholesterol after 3 months on the statins. It will be interesting to see how that turns out.

Then I went home and sewed for a couple of hours. I still need to do all the hand work but since that is portable I'm moving on to the next project.

It really isn't shapeless, it's just the hanger. It's a very fitted a-line jumper made on the same pattern as the one that was destroyed by ink earlier this year. I've had this fabric for years but didn't think I had enough for this pattern. I barely eked it out but that's good enough!

While I'm at it let me show you the other two dresses. Again, on hangers because it's pretty hard to take self portraits:.

They aren't really shapeless they just look that way on the hanger.
And the details of the trim:

Next was a visit to the eye doctor. She was doing a follow up on the little hole in my retina. It seems to have healed and there are no others, which is good. She says sometimes these are just random instances. She called it a "cute little thing!" Silly! But oh I hate dillation! I went to write a check and I couldn't read the check number, nor anything I wrote. It was all one big blur. Eek!

I made it home safely where I had a two hour nap and it is now time for more sewing. Tomorrow is also a vacation day for sewing.
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Just a quick update and then it's back to the roller coaster.

Egils has come and gone. There were some people who made some really foolish decisions that stressed Ceridwen out. In fact there were a lot more incidences than usual but that happens every once in a while. We made it through the event mostly intact and not mad at each other. I got my feelings hurt once but I may have been a bit sensitive and overly tired. I'm ready for bed at 11:00 pm but the parties didn't wind down until 3:00 or 4:00 am. That meant I didn't sleep very long because the birds started their wake up call at 5:30. I think I did my job well-- that is I protected Ceridwen from things that didn't need to go to her and I kept her fed, watered and otherwise mostly sane. I think their Excellencies Summits got a little miffed at me when they were asking where Ceridwen was and I suggested if they had official business it should wait until the morning, since drinking had already commenced (It was Ceridwen's night off after all). I don't know if they didn't ever find her or if they decided to take my advice, but they didn't talk to her until the next day. I don't think her Excellency likes me but I'm not sure why. It's not the end of the world either way but it's really too bad because, when she isn't snapping at me, I like her well enough. My one memento of Egils is the poison oak all over my feet and calves. Ick! I could do without that.

Coming back to work was not at all fun. There are piles and piles of things to do. My office moves on Monday and there is much packing to do. We can't really pack the office itself until tomorrow afternoon since we need to be able to function. So we aren't making obvious head way and that's stressful. After the move I have to manage the second wave from afar--I'm not sure how well that will work but it's the best we've got. I also scheduled student worker interviews for next Friday. We just need to get them done. The sad part is that I still haven't had a chance to look at the applications. I asked my student worker to do a preliminary review, recommend 5 or 6 and schedule interviews. She'll be training and working with them very closely so it's important that they can work with her as well as me. I'm really avoiding thinking about the fact that she graduates next year and I'll have to do all the things I currently pass off to her. She and my graduating senior are working with me tomorrow until we get things done, even if that means having to work late. I so appreciate their help.

Yesterday in my haste, I missed a stair and fell down to the landing (2-3 steps). I caught myself enough to collapse gently but wretched everything. I'm a little sore but not as bad as I could be. There are no percussive wounds, just sore muscles.

My computer gave me a nice surprise today. It blue screened irretrievably. The tech narrowed it down to the power supply, motherboard or memory. At least I know I didn't do anything to cause it. Still it means I don't have my computer and I have to use the loaner which has none of my apps and bookmarks. I can't find the link to the university database anywhere since they changed the website and I find that rather irksome.

Anyway, life goes on. I'll be glad to have the move behind me.
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I ran out of my Prilosec about five weeks ago. Because I didn't have the money to refill it right away, I used the over the counter stuff I had in my medicine cabinet and called in in about two weeks later. Apparently my dr. forgot to provide any refills on any of my prescriptions so the PPS Pharmacy called the drs. office for a refill. Three weeks later I still didn't have the Rx and I was out of the OC stuff. So Monday, I called the pharmacy and they said they hadn't heard from the drs office so after three tries they had assumed the Rx was denied. *FRACK* So I called the drs office. The nice receptionist said, "Oh we called it in to the Bi-Mart pharmacy but they determined it was a duplicate." Okaaaaay? There is a problem here!

"You do realize it wasn't the Bi-Mart pharmacy that called you, right?"

".......Oh! You are right. Neither time....I'll take care of it."

Also on Monday I realized that I only had one week of BC pills and not another packet as I had thought. So I asked that they also send out a refill for that.

It's Thursday now and I still haven't seen either Rx. So I called the pharmacy this morning. They informed me that the insurance wouldn't authorize the refill of the Prilosec until the 4th of April. Ummm, Why the heck not? The Customer service lady, hearing my woes asked, "did a one month supply maybe get called in to another pharmacy?" Oh sure on the 4th of March when the drs office called it in to Bi-Mart they filled it and billed insurance. So the PPS lady told me to call the Bi-Mart Pharmacy and ask them to back it out of the system so they could fill it. (Now I'm wondering if I should have just picked it up) On my BC pills they informed me that there were (of course) no refills and so they were still waiting for the drs. office to approve the refills. Ok now really people, this is my BIRTH CONTROL pill! Quit messing with my life and get your act together. I don't care whether you know that I only use it for regulation or not, I don't want to not have it on MONDAY when I need it!

So..... I called the drs office again. She insisted they had faxed it in yesterday morning and she promised she'd call the pharmacy to make sure.

I waited until Bi-Mart opened and called them to make sure the Rx was backed out of the system. She said it would take ten minutes so I waited another 30 minutes and called PPS back to make sure everything was in order. They still didn't have the BC pills (The Prilosec Rx was being processed). I asked if they'd gotten the fax..."Oh well it takes 24 hours to process those so we don't really know."

"Well is there any way I can find out. This is my birth control pill and I'm going to be out on MONDAY."

"Well, no. That's handled by another department and we get thousands of faxes every day."

Oh well thanks for nothing. *@#(*&$%$@#!_!)@#()*

So now what do I do?

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