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We've made stuff! I'll show you.
Blackberries for jelly:

Lots and lots of jelly:

More jelly

Yet more jelly

box of jelly

Slicing tomatoes to dehydrate:

Basil for pesto(this was the second basil incident):

Colorful compost:

Slicing nectarines:

Stewing nectarines in apple cider vinegar, brown sugar, brown pie spices, rum, and celery seed. Once warm it was allowed to soak overnight and then put on the dehydrator to become candy:
Stewing nectarines

Jerky for Marian's uncle:

And a lot of sewing (I should be all caught up now, maybe even ahead, on my Skirt of the month projects):

Skirt made with a small remnant of red fabric from my childhood and a modern navy cotton

Linen dress made from 2.5 yards of linen that I purchased in San Diego (it looks really short but it's not- shorter than I usually wear but not short)

Poly blend A-line skirt (slightly twisted in photo)

Sheer over black linen

Dotted swiss lined in cotton

There were light weight t-shirt fabric shorts made also and a cotton petticoat/slip, but you don't really need to see that.
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Today was all about annual medical stuff. I won't tell you about the joys of having a retroverted uterus during these wonderful exams...I'm sure you ladies can imagine and the gentlemen would rather not.

The NP talked to me about lots of stuff. She's a skinny gal and I'm not; but to give her credit, I brought up my weight problem, not her. However, it's really hard for her to understand the frustration of being genetically predisposed to fat. I did water aerobics 3 days a week for 6 months and never lost a pound. I watch my diet, although I recognize that I need to be more careful with serving size. I've worked pretty hard this year to lower my fat content. But she advocated for a low carb diet- which by her definition is avoiding wheat products. *sigh* I told her I had trouble staying on any diet that made me feel like I couldn't have something. So we bickered good naturedly about it and she conceded to refer me to a dietitian. FINALLY! This has been my goal for at least a year now.

She also told me I needed to exercise for at least an hour every day. Where do I find an hour a day to exercise? And what exercise do I do that doesn't leave me hurting so badly I want to cry? She really felt like a bicycle was my best option if my back will allow it. I've been trying to fit a bike purchase into my budget but it hasn't happened yet. It won't happen this next month either. However, I will plan to go back to water aerobics in the fall.

She is also going to refer me to an allergist. She looked at my ears, and my throat and said...."Is this normal?" Unfortunately, it is for this time of year at least. I go through an average of four boxes of tissue a month. We talked about the fact that my body hurts so much. I know that weighing less would help but I also think that I may have some sort of food allergy that is contributing to this generalized inflamation that shows up on my blood tests but the cause of which has not been identified. I see a prick test in my future. Whee! She also warned me that just because a prick test was positive, didn't mean I was truly allergic only that I had dermatalogical reaction. True allergies are those that show both on the prick test and the blood test. Interesting!

I went and visited the vampires thereafter. Another poke in the hand but only one! YEAY! They are doing complete metabolic and lipid panels as well as a TSH (thyroid) and A1C. It was time to check my cholesterol after 3 months on the statins. It will be interesting to see how that turns out.

Then I went home and sewed for a couple of hours. I still need to do all the hand work but since that is portable I'm moving on to the next project.

It really isn't shapeless, it's just the hanger. It's a very fitted a-line jumper made on the same pattern as the one that was destroyed by ink earlier this year. I've had this fabric for years but didn't think I had enough for this pattern. I barely eked it out but that's good enough!

While I'm at it let me show you the other two dresses. Again, on hangers because it's pretty hard to take self portraits:.

They aren't really shapeless they just look that way on the hanger.
And the details of the trim:

Next was a visit to the eye doctor. She was doing a follow up on the little hole in my retina. It seems to have healed and there are no others, which is good. She says sometimes these are just random instances. She called it a "cute little thing!" Silly! But oh I hate dillation! I went to write a check and I couldn't read the check number, nor anything I wrote. It was all one big blur. Eek!

I made it home safely where I had a two hour nap and it is now time for more sewing. Tomorrow is also a vacation day for sewing.


Jul. 27th, 2010 10:52 pm
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I need to do some sewing instead of just cutting out. Cutting out is portable. Sewing requires being in the same place as the sewing machine and surger. So far I have two skirts and a jumper cut out. There will be more probably before there is machine usage. I have to say, though, that cutting out is probably the most time consuming. The sewing itself it pretty straight forward.
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I sewed two new dresses this weekend. One is red with white polka dots. I created trim for it by layering two simpler pieces a white cotton scallop and a red ribbon. I also used white bias tape to frame the waist piece. It is this Simplicity pattern, Image A. The dept. chair says it looks a little Amish. I'm not sure what to think of that.

The second is in a piece of cotton that resembles a night sky. It is Image A on this pattern--also Simplicity. I made it a little longer.

Both are rather loose with a belt to create a more flattering silhouette. So far the red one is comfortable in the hot office. When I get a chance I'll post pictures.
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I'm so glad it's a little cooler so far this week. Our new building doesn't have AC and no possibility of installation. It also doesn't have any blinds. That means on Friday at 12:00 noon, it was 98 degrees in my office. Seriously! We had a thermometer. This could be a very long summer. We all actually left at 3:00 it was too hot to work.

I'm glad that the pile of licensure requests has been cleared off of my desk. I currently have to submit all of OSU's students teacher licensure requests to Oregon's Teacher Standards and Practices Commission so that they can become licensed teachers or counselors. I also have to do all of the out-of-state requests for anyone who finished a teacher licensure program at OSU, no matter how many years ago (I did one from 1969 a couple of weeks ago). I submitted 43 between June 28th and 29th, 20 last week, and 20 so far this week. Fortunately, I have help with the verification process so it's proceeding smoother than normal. Eventually, Biana will take over the submissions process but we are breaking her into the process gently.

I'm glad for new clothes, although I probably shouldn't have bought them or the fabric to make them. I bought fabric for 2 new dresses and 2 skirts and have kick started my sewing with patterns to handle some other fabric in my stash. I have three additional skirts to make from fabric that's been languishing in the closet but was far from unloved...I just had to have the right pattern. Robert pointed out to me that I do with sewing what Marian and Carrie do with cooking. I look at a pattern as a starting point. I size it up or down as needed and make adjustments to make it fit the way I want. It's always a bit of a risk that it won't be quite what I envisioned but more often than not it's what I want. I finished a wrap skirt made from the material that Mom brought me from Hawaii. It was fabulous to work with even though the pattern measurements are left over from the era of Twiggy. (Really a size 30? I wear 10-12 sizes smaller than that in off the rack!)

I'm not terribly pleased with the way I look but that doesn't have anything to do with the skirt. I think I have enough fabric left to make a matching blouse.

Last night I stopped at Fashion bug and picked up four shirts. I needed a white tee and a white tank but I also found a lovely purple top and a magenta top with cream cut-work embroidery.

I'm glad for better than expected finances. I checked the bank account this morning and there was more money than I expected. I checked that everything had cleared (after a moment of panic that maybe the rent check hadn't cleared and I'd spent part of it and that was why I had more money...pant, pant, pant). It all looks ok. Now I'm not flush, but I'm not down to my last $20 like I am some months by this time.

I'm glad for a mother who knows me so well. She called me from Alaska and said "I'm in a wonderful little yarn store here in Alaska. Would you like me to pick something up for you?" Ummm...well...DUH! That's like asking an addict if they'd like their next fix and for free! And you know, my mom doesn't do string, except to buy it for me.

I'm glad for a father who didn't get mad when I forgot his birthday on Sunday! I talked to him the day after, but not because I'd remembered. I feel rather low about forgetting. I blame it on being befuddled by Sinatra's death.

It's good to remember our blessings!
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I'm sewing frantically for Egils so that I'm not naked for the event. My yo-yo weight means that clothes don't fit from one year to the next, sometimes down, more often up. I'm just making tunics but I'm trying to use proper construction techniques and so I've had to work a bit on my pattern. So far I've gotten two woolen tunics sewn but I still need to hem and finish them. I have one linen tunic done and two others cut out. I hope to have one more done on top of those if I can. I still have at least two linen tunics that fit and one woolen one that is marginal. I may also have a wool cotehardie loaned to me, provided it fits. Watch...this will be a hot Egils instead of a rainy one. You never know this time of year what weather you'll get. Since I'll be running for Ceridwen, I wanted easy to wear clothes and my back and hips can't handle a lot of extra weight on them while on uneven ground especially. (It just occurred to me that I don't have any shoes to wear. Argh! I'll have to figure something out.) I'd love to get some gothic fitted gowns done, although I'm not sure I want my current figure that well displayed. I need help with fitting but I'll just need to wait for the next Robin Netherton workshop, I think.

I'm pretty proud of my use of scraps this time around. I did buy some linen but the wool tunics were made from pieces I had already. One had gotten pretty severely moth eaten so I had to work around the holes and the other I had used to make a modern dress and I was using the left overs. I did start making an over tunic by hand with scraps but I'll need to adjust it based on my experiences with the other tunics. It's also made with scraps but I may or may not get it done since it's got slit sides and is optional.

The additional rush of sewing doesn't help my stress level but it will be done soon and I'll enjoy the event.

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