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More things are growing than not.  I was able to harvest lettuce this week and the replanted beans are coming up.

hlmauera: (Panther)

Some things are growing and some are not. The beans are not, I'll need to replant.  The yellow squash is not.  The root vegetables don't seem to have a good distribution.  I may need to replant.  The peppers aren't doing very well, but I'm not sure why.  They are very yellow- iron? Do you think?

And because it's not ALL about food products, the row of pots in the second picture are dahlias.  I got some Gerbera daisies but they have to be watered daily. :(  The impatients, geranium, Sweet William, and Coleus are doing well in the new flower bed. The hanging pots are doing ok but they too require a lot of water.  My roses produce some beautiful blooms.

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