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Just a quick update and then it's back to the roller coaster.

Egils has come and gone. There were some people who made some really foolish decisions that stressed Ceridwen out. In fact there were a lot more incidences than usual but that happens every once in a while. We made it through the event mostly intact and not mad at each other. I got my feelings hurt once but I may have been a bit sensitive and overly tired. I'm ready for bed at 11:00 pm but the parties didn't wind down until 3:00 or 4:00 am. That meant I didn't sleep very long because the birds started their wake up call at 5:30. I think I did my job well-- that is I protected Ceridwen from things that didn't need to go to her and I kept her fed, watered and otherwise mostly sane. I think their Excellencies Summits got a little miffed at me when they were asking where Ceridwen was and I suggested if they had official business it should wait until the morning, since drinking had already commenced (It was Ceridwen's night off after all). I don't know if they didn't ever find her or if they decided to take my advice, but they didn't talk to her until the next day. I don't think her Excellency likes me but I'm not sure why. It's not the end of the world either way but it's really too bad because, when she isn't snapping at me, I like her well enough. My one memento of Egils is the poison oak all over my feet and calves. Ick! I could do without that.

Coming back to work was not at all fun. There are piles and piles of things to do. My office moves on Monday and there is much packing to do. We can't really pack the office itself until tomorrow afternoon since we need to be able to function. So we aren't making obvious head way and that's stressful. After the move I have to manage the second wave from afar--I'm not sure how well that will work but it's the best we've got. I also scheduled student worker interviews for next Friday. We just need to get them done. The sad part is that I still haven't had a chance to look at the applications. I asked my student worker to do a preliminary review, recommend 5 or 6 and schedule interviews. She'll be training and working with them very closely so it's important that they can work with her as well as me. I'm really avoiding thinking about the fact that she graduates next year and I'll have to do all the things I currently pass off to her. She and my graduating senior are working with me tomorrow until we get things done, even if that means having to work late. I so appreciate their help.

Yesterday in my haste, I missed a stair and fell down to the landing (2-3 steps). I caught myself enough to collapse gently but wretched everything. I'm a little sore but not as bad as I could be. There are no percussive wounds, just sore muscles.

My computer gave me a nice surprise today. It blue screened irretrievably. The tech narrowed it down to the power supply, motherboard or memory. At least I know I didn't do anything to cause it. Still it means I don't have my computer and I have to use the loaner which has none of my apps and bookmarks. I can't find the link to the university database anywhere since they changed the website and I find that rather irksome.

Anyway, life goes on. I'll be glad to have the move behind me.
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I'm sewing frantically for Egils so that I'm not naked for the event. My yo-yo weight means that clothes don't fit from one year to the next, sometimes down, more often up. I'm just making tunics but I'm trying to use proper construction techniques and so I've had to work a bit on my pattern. So far I've gotten two woolen tunics sewn but I still need to hem and finish them. I have one linen tunic done and two others cut out. I hope to have one more done on top of those if I can. I still have at least two linen tunics that fit and one woolen one that is marginal. I may also have a wool cotehardie loaned to me, provided it fits. Watch...this will be a hot Egils instead of a rainy one. You never know this time of year what weather you'll get. Since I'll be running for Ceridwen, I wanted easy to wear clothes and my back and hips can't handle a lot of extra weight on them while on uneven ground especially. (It just occurred to me that I don't have any shoes to wear. Argh! I'll have to figure something out.) I'd love to get some gothic fitted gowns done, although I'm not sure I want my current figure that well displayed. I need help with fitting but I'll just need to wait for the next Robin Netherton workshop, I think.

I'm pretty proud of my use of scraps this time around. I did buy some linen but the wool tunics were made from pieces I had already. One had gotten pretty severely moth eaten so I had to work around the holes and the other I had used to make a modern dress and I was using the left overs. I did start making an over tunic by hand with scraps but I'll need to adjust it based on my experiences with the other tunics. It's also made with scraps but I may or may not get it done since it's got slit sides and is optional.

The additional rush of sewing doesn't help my stress level but it will be done soon and I'll enjoy the event.
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I renewed my SCA membership for three years today. With non-membership surcharge going up, I figured it was more cost effective to renew than to pay the surcharge. I probably won't pay for itself, but I don't mind supporting the SCA. I may decide after a while that it's still not what makes me sing, but it's not that big of an investment to me at this time.

While I was doing that, I also printed out and mailed in the Egils pre-registration. I'm going to be Autocrat mommy for Ceridwen this year (taking care of the feeding and watering ;>D ), although I don't think I'll actually be doing a lot of cooking. We've still got to work all of that out. I figured it was time to go back to what first made me happy in the SCA and that was taking care of Ceridwen (and Durin sometimes) when they were sitting on the thrones. I had a purpose then and I felt needed and useful.

This is different than feeling "important". I don't need to be center stage or have a special hat (although sometimes that makes getting things done easier), but I do need to feel useful or at least wanted. I know that Ceridwen trusts me enough that, if she needs something other than food and water, she knows she can ask me and I will take care of it. That trust is precious to me. I don't think I've established that with anyone else other than here at work. There is also a difference between being useful and being taken advantage of. It's sometimes a really fine line and I still have to work on defining that for myself. However, I trust Ceridwen and Durin enough to know they won't take advantage of me even when asking for my help.

So, even though I got my feelings hurt about the tailor shop, I think I've turned it around to something that will be more beneficial for me and will likely make me happier in the long run. I'm looking forward to Egils and to more happy experiences in the SCA.
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From the Adiantum list:

"It is with deep regret that I must report the crossing of Bifrost by Skarl Odinstain, who dices this night with Heimdal and tells his tales in Odin's Hall. Andrew "Drew" Woods collapsed today on the UO campus, where he was finshing off studies for the end of the current Term, and was pronounced dead at River Bend Hospital in Springfield late this morning. He is survived by his beloved daughter Eireann, Eireann's mother Anna, and Eireann's grandmother Joanne. Please address any immediate inquiries to me to give the grieving family time to sort things out, and any donations for beer to Valhalla. They're going to need it.

Lonergan Fionn O'Flaherty"

He wasn't very old, probably not much beyond my age of 35, Although I could be wrong because I didn't know him very well. It doesn't seem possible. I keep trying to figure out if there is another Skarl in our barony. I'm fairly sure there isn't.

Gwen (the potter), I think this was the person you talked to about pottery at Midwinters.

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