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Let's be clear about that. It doesn't matter whether I'm single or part of a couple, Valentine's day is not my day. Obviously, if you are single, the whole point of the day seems to be to make you feel bad because you aren't tied to another person. If you are part of a couple, the hype is so big, there is no possible way anyone human could live up to the hype without spending a fortune.

Make no mistake, I LOVE presents and I have no objection to receiving them, Valentine's day or any other day. But I do object to the assumption that being part of a couple is the only way to be happy. I object to spending a week's salary on a single day. I object to people who choose only to show their love on this one day of the year.

I say, bring me something small and meaningful. Save the money, spend it on little gifts for me through out the year rather than all at once. A well worded card, is quite a lovely treat. A pot of flowers is also wonderful. (You can usually buy a beautiful potted arrangement for $15-20- Or make one yourself). If you love me, I know it and if I don't, one day isn't going to make up for that. Feel free to buy me a valentine's gift. But don't go overboard. I'd rather see little things through out the year.

And thank you to those of you who did give me gifts.

The vase and rose from Lukas, Jay and Candy was stunning. But the best present was being told "Just so you know, your godson insisted on going to sleep with the Christmas card you sent. He wanted his Kiss-ten. Then he woke up crying when he couldn't find it after it fell behind his pillow :-)"

Thank you to Mom and Dad who brought me a potted plant arrangment, a box of chocolates and a beautiful card that reminded me not only did they love me but they were proud of me. I don't get to hear that much.

And thank you to Robert who brought me a beautiful arrangement of daisies and mums with a small box of chocolate. And who paid for the three of us to go eat sushi together tonight...my favorite part--- time with both of you.


Sep. 15th, 2010 11:29 pm
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Today started out badly last night, when Dad discovered my right front tire was running on the metal core on the inside. So he forbade it's usage, handed me the keys to their car and made arrangements to take it in today. I asked him to have them check the brakes too since it's been shuddering almost violently when I step on the brakes, especially at higher speeds. I knew those were $95 tires and three of the four were the same age. The other one had to be replaced last year. 3 new tires and a front end alignment (Brakes were fine but alignment was really bad and that seems to be what was causing the shuddering). Total damage= $445.03 Ugh! Dad paid for it and added it to my loan. At this rate I'll never pay it off.

I hate driving Mom's car. It's so big and heavy that I feel like I'm just along for the ride and it's driving, but it's better than nothing. So I was having a bit of a "day"- computers were failing in my presence, people were being more helpless than usual, hair decided to be obstreperous...you know...one of those kind of days.

Then UPS brought my movies!!

When Mom invited me for dinner, she said she had received the knitpicks order. She was feeling bad because she couldn't find any yarn while she was in Alaska- and not for want of trying. She found lots of yarn shops with yarn but nothing that she felt was just right. So she and I had talked about it and looked at the knitpicks catalog. We both fell in love with the colors of the Imagination sock yarn (50% Merino, 25% superfine alpaca, 25% nylon). Almost all of the colors, as a matter of fact. So I left the color choice up to her. We also looked at lace weights with the idea that I wanted to make a shawl for my sister. I commented on a couple of lovely colors and chose a silver for my sister. And I asked her if she was making an order to order me a couple of packages of the harmony size 0 double pointed needles because I use them for everything in sock weight. I also commented that I'd love to get some of the 4 inch needles to try for gloves and it's too bad the 6 inch ones don't come in a set. So when she said she had the order, I was thinking one or two sets of needles, 3 skeins of lace weight for my sister's shawl and maybe two skeins of Imagination in one or two colors.
This is what arrived:

Imagination sock yarn in colors- Unicorn, Pixie Dust, Damsel, Enchanted Forest, Looking Glass, Mermaid Lagoon, Evil Stepmother, Fairy Princess, and Arabian Nights. (The names are fun too)

Lace weights gloss (sterling) and shimmer (Blue Glass and Elderberry)

Two sets of size 0 and a complete set of 4 inch (0-3, inlcuding two sizes of 1s --2.25 and 2.5mm)

Wow! It's like Christmas. I'm really hoping the Imagination works up as nicely as it looks. It's getting mixed reviews on Ravelry- some complaints of felting because of the alpaca (no matter how it's washed) and some color issues (bleeding and inconsistency) but others think it's wonderful. I guess we'll have to wait and see. It's definitely going to be a hand-wash lay flat to dry yarn.

So... a mixed bag today but I'd say the yarn is winning!

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