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That means I'm halfway through my vacation and back home.
A couple of my favorite pictures:

Some other images:

The hotel is built in a bit of a V shape and we were on the other side but the beach access was on the other side.

Tide pools

Very stormy seas and lots of wind when we left on Tuesday afternoon.

So... Today I'm being lazy. I've managed to put away the clean laundry and to knit a couple of rows on my shawl but that's it for today. I'll have to get a little busier later. Tonight I have a kitty rodeo. Whisper is going in to be spayed in the morning and that means I have to catch her. Since she can't eat after 8:00, I'll need to get her put in the carrier by about 5:30 tonight (I have church tonight so it has to be earlier). That promises to be fun.

Tomorrow I have to take Whisper in to the spay and neuter clinic between 7:30 and 8:00. I'm having lunch with Durin and Ceridwen at 11:30. I'm making spaghetti- I think I'll put it into the crockpot tonight. I'm not sure when I'm supposed to pick Whisper up. When I get back to the house, I need to start working on my tunics. I have a bunch of linen and some wool to make tunics for Egils. I'd thought to make another flemish/working woman's dress but I really don't have the discipline or the materials to make what I want so I'll leave it for a little while. Besides, the tunics are easy to wear and don't put too much weight on on my back. I'd love to do gothic but I can't fit them myself so I'll have to wait until someone else has time to help me- which will probably mean it won't get done but that's ok too.

I also have beading and sculptey to play with if I need to do something different. I'm also working on a shawl for my high school best friend that is finishing up her radiation therapy. I want to get it to her before May 1st when she has an implantation therapy for 24 hours. But that's looking unlikely. So I guess I'll just keep working on it and get it to her as soon as I can. At least she'll know I was thinking of her.

Anyway, I should go get in the shower now. It's past time, don't you think?
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From our balcony.

From just outside the back door of the hotel.

After my encounter with the beach.

From our balcony after dark.

As the storm winds blow...the view from our balcony.
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Dinner last night was as good as I might have hoped although not a quiet. I had Portobello Mushroom Ravioli which was "Roasted portobello and crimini mushrooms, parmesan and mozzarella cheese and carmelized onions stuffed into squid Ink and spinach striped fresh pasta and tossed in a creamy mushroom alfredo." It was served with Parmesan cheese toast and for dessert we had Creme Brule. Of course that's a lot of milk in one meal and I'm paying for it today but Oh it was soooo worth it. The Ravioli was quite rich and tasty (no, squid ink does not seem to have a flavor) and I probably have enough for two more meals. The cheese toast was not your average cheesy toast; it was topped with garlic cream cheese mixed with parmesan and toasted. I could have eaten a a whole loaf!! The creme brule was so very decadent it was eaten in little tiny bites with eyes closed and mandatory humming noises.

Robert had the stuffed chicken. It was stuffed with blue cheese, parmesan and several other cheeses. I'd thought about ordering it but I was glad I didn't. All I could taste in the mixture was the blue cheese, which always tastes like mold to me. But he seemed to enjoy it. For dessert he had a marionberry cobbler with ice cream.

Carrie had beer battered Halibut and fries. Less adventuresome and decadent but it was just what she wanted and tasted very good to her.

Our table had a very lovely view of the ocean as the sun disappeared into the mists. There wasn't a brilliant sunset, the sun just seemed to quietly let the mist take over.

The reason I said it wasn't quiet is that shortly after we were seated there was a group of four ladies seated at the next table. They appeared to be an exclusive tour group and they were loud and very chatty. They obviously had not known each other before the tour and were eagerly outdoing each other's experience stories. While it was amusing to listen to, it really drowned out the conversation at our table.

Still, all and all a lovely evening.
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I am staying in a condo at the Inn at Spanish Head. It is glorious and free. My boss as a thank you some years ago offered me the use of the condo whenever I wanted it, provided it wasn't rented. So with all the stress at work I thought it would be a great time to take a vacation and de-stress. Robert and Carrie managed to get some time off too so the three of us are enjoying this opulence together. The coast is literally off the back stairs and our balcony over looks the beach. We are on the ninth floor, which is actually the ground floor from the road side, and so we have a private entrance. We will have to explore the tidepools when the tide goes out but we've already taken a walk on the beach in bare feet. I let the ocean lick over my feet and it decided it wanted a taste of my knees too. Cold! But oh so much fun. We hooked up the wireless right away and checked in but then spent a peaceful couple of hours just kicking back and reading books. It feels good to just power down. I'm very happy to be here finally and to have such good friends with me. It's really quite heavenly...I imagine this is how the other side lives. ;>D Better let this be all for now. We have reservations at the restaurant on the roof at 7:30.

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