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Sorry, I'm not writing much these days.  Life has been very busy. 

I went to San Francisco last week and took the intro Admin class for Salesforce.  It was about 40 hours of class and the recommendation was that we spend another 40 hours studying before we take the Certification test --but not to delay it more than 6 weeks.  Ugh!  I'm going to have to figure out how to schedule that in but right now I have to catch up from being gone.

While I was in SF, I visited my brother, SIL, and niece.  It was a pretty laid back visit. My brother and I visited the shooting range so I could try his pistols.  The news is that the Glock and the Beretta are to heavy for me and I need a LOT of practice.  We looked at some other guns in the armory and a small Sig Sauer was recommended.  It fit my hand better and wasn't so heavy.  However, it's really just academic at this point because I don't have money to spend to get a gun.  It was kind of embarrassing because I used to be able to out-shoot my dad and brother and I couldn't even hit the target with the 38s this time. 

On our way back, we stopped to look at toy hauler trailers and campers.  Tami and Lilly were with us and Lilly was into everything- so curious and excited.  Unfortunately/fortunately, she's also a bit independent.  She decided to try to get out of a camper that was about 4 feet off the ground with only a narrow ledge and no stairs down and did a face plant on the asphalt.  I saw her going and tried to grab her, only to follow her down to the ground.  She cried but then got distracted and was fine.  I don't bounce back quite so easily.  I'm still stiff and sore.  I've got a bruise fomenting deep in the right hip, a little road rash on my elbow and a lot of sore, tight muscles. Still it could have been much worse so I'll count my blessings that it wasn't.

Unfortunately, I had to come back for work (although I'm glad I had work to come back to). Salesforce was amazing.  It looks like an awesome employer- free food and drinks on every floor, a gym and coffee bar, flexibility in hours and locations.  The employees seem to really enjoy working there. It showed me all the things that my employer is not.  I do have good benefits (for now), though and my job is in a beautiful location with a reasonable cost of living. 

After only 4 hours of sleep Sunday night, I powered through Monday but was unable to do the same Tuesday after taking a muscle relaxant on Monday night and still waking with a headache.  Instead I only came in for the afternoon to participate in rapid fire preliminary interviews. It was exhausting.  On top of that some information I'd shared confidentially in a meeting on Monday got out and I was reprimanded in front of my peers in the interview meeting.  Although I shared it confidentially, I had not been told it was confidential but felt it was important that it not get out.  Still someone decided to break the confidence and I paid the consequences. So now, I feel like the integrity of that particular governance committee has been compromised and it's no longer a safe place to talk about difficult or controversial subjects, which is kinda the entire point of that committee. I brought this to the committee's attention but now I'm feeling emotionally and mentally exhausted.

I'm still working on my Stampin' Up! business.  I've actually been promoted to Silver from  Bronze Elite (Starting at Bronze) but that is only an indicator of how much money I have spent.  Although I'm pleased to report that this month's order was paid for completely from my income from Stampin' up!  I've scheduled an Open house for next weekend which is going to take some work between now and then. Because I was gone for a week, I'm a bit behind on my personal cards s well.

The yard work this time of year is never ending. I have hopefully processed most of the dahlias for this year.  I have a few more to plant and perhaps a new bed to make but we'll see how it goes.  It was a new process this year because we overwintered the tubers in the ground.  I lost a few, but no more than I would have lost if I'd dug them all in the fall.   I just hope I didn't mix up the instructions for dividing and planting in the spring.  Mom thought we were supposed to leave them out of the ground for a day before replanting but I didn't have time to do that.  So I dug, divided and replanted the same day.  They seem to be coming up so I think it will be ok....I hope.  Dahlias are a little intensive to maintain.

I think Mom and I are planning on taking a long walk along the river on Saturday.  I have a ton of stuff to do but it's also important to take care of me.  That's been falling by the wayside a bit recently.
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