Sep. 6th, 2017

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August 31, 2017

I believe that I managed to stay under my calorie goal yesterday! Yeah me! I got my laundry put away before I went to bed instead of leaving it laying on the chair in the living room. It improves the look of the room quite dramatically.;) It's payday! I'm treating myself to lunch. I will have to watch serving size but I should be able to eat what I want.

I'm looking at options for our Faculty and Staff Fitness classes. I can't take the noon classes any more due to restrictions on my schedule. It gets a little complicated in the evenings because I can't do MWF because of meeting on Wednesday and I can't do TR because of my commitment to Marian and Trudi on Tuesday. But they allow mix and match so I could do a MRF. I'm thinking about doing a therapeutic Yoga on Monday, Thursday I could do Cardio dance, or Fusion. Friday I could do Aerobic Machines or something called Functional fitness which doesn't have a description yet. The Friday options are also available on Monday but I'd like to do some yoga for stretching one day a week. Variety is good too but I'm wondering if I will get confused without being there the two or three days a week each of the classes is offered.

I had a lovely lunch with a coworker. I'm loving the sarong that I'm wearing that I got in Hawaii. I talked with a couple of coworkers who are interested in maybe doing the fitness classes with me.

I got the dahlias and roses deadheaded and new hummingbird food out for the General and company. There are nine quarts and a pint of grape juice. I canned it as is with no sugar added so hopefully that will be ok.


September 1, 2017

The undergraduate students started today. I did their Taskstream orientation this morning. They are so earnest and excited. It's fun to work with them.
I grabbed the bull by the horns and sent an email to my supervisor and Dean about a change I was told about yesterday that I was really upset about because there had been no conversation about it taking place. I really would rather ignore it and frankly I told someone it was probably easier to get a new job than to have that conversation. But I faced it and I did it in a way that was more comfortable for me. (I'm proud of myself so it's a positive, but I hated doing it so it's not a positive...I'll take the positive)
I picked a handful of fresh green beans this morning and I'm happy to finally have them. I didn't plant as many so I may get just enough to eat in a meal once in a while- which is nice because canning in this heat is not so fun. We have a ban on open flames so I can't use my summer kitchen.

I enjoyed my lunch with SueAnn today. We talked about the fitness classes and I got some good advice- avoid fusion, my back won't handle it. But there are still three different classes I could take so that's good.
I'm looking forward to going to the dahlia festival tomorrow. It will probably be a bit warm but we are going in the morning to try to beat the heat. Mom and I are inventorying our dahlias tonight and tomorrow to determine what we actually have so we can make our order at a discount.

5+ trays of tomato slices shrink down quite a lot. Boy, they are rich tasting though.

Needy shoulder kitty. And that turned into this.

At the end of the day I was productive- maybe more so than the rest of the day. I paid the bills; packed up the dried tomatoes; and did a visual comparison of the dahlias so that I know what I have. Now I am prepared with a list for tomorrow.
My kitty has been very cuddly.
I love my quesadilla for dinner!

September 2, 2017
Headed out to the Dahlia festival. A second look this morning discovered that there were a couple of dahlias I thought hadn't come up that had. I was also able to identify a couple that didn't have blooms on them when I looked before. Oh and rest stops are a marvelous invention. So are big floppy hats on hot days.

It's been a good day but I've got a headache preventing word flow. Dahlia festival was awesome, as usual. I replaced some tubers I'd lost and got some new ones. There was a whole lot of high calorie bad for me food but it was tasty. There was fresh made caramel popcorn. I was restrained but enjoyed it. When I got home I couldn't put my craft room back together the way I planned but I managed to make three cards anyway. I've wanted to go to bed since seven and now I get to.

September 3, 2017

Silly cuddly kiddies keep me occupied and not thinking about negative things. I had a quesadilla for breakfast- I'm not sorry. It tasted great! I'm thankful for being reminded that I need to manage my free time better- less screen time more time doing.

Positives afternoon and evening edition: I had a nice lunch with my parents after a wonderful meeting. Then I went to Jerry's for shelving ideas. While there I got the shelves I needed and ran into Eric Cunningham who helped me estimate what redoing my porch would cost. It's within budget so that's great! And it was nice to visit with him for a moment. Preliminary shelf placement looks like this idea will work but the battery on my drill needs to charge so I'll have to put them up later. Instead I got caught up on my cards and worked up 20 cards from a kit. It's lovely to have a few cards in stock. Laundry is finishing up and I feel like it's been a productive afternoon.

September 4, 2017

I forgot to post positives today.  I was pretty busy but there were positive things.  I was able to drop off some wool to be made into tunics for Durin and Ceridwen- some sewing I don't have to do.  I had sushi for lunch and it was yummy!  My house is not perfectly clean but it's not going to be too big a stretch to get it ready for the open house on Saturday. I got a tunic made for Ceridwen, had a fitting with her, and had the material and time to adjust it before heading to bed.  The meant I also got a visit with Durin and Ceridwen.  I recorded the rectangle sizes this time and so I should be able to replicate it.

September 5, 2017

Welcome to the willamette valley 2017 fire season. I could hardly see across the street today. (Yes I know this mask doesn't do a lot of good but it's better than nothing)

It's really hard to be positive when watching so much around us burn. And in Texas, they have too much water causing chaos. But I suppose this is when it's most important. So here we go: So far my home is not in any danger, nor are most of my family. Even Marissa in Katy seems to have escaped the worst of the flooding. I am wearing a mask today which is marginally helpful and something perhaps not available in other parts of the world. I had a lovely lunch of leftovers punched up a bit with more peanut sauce. Food and supplies are still fairly abundant in our area, in fact, aside from the smoke and the news, you could possibly forget the fires. I found out that thing I was concerned about at work really was some sort of oversight or miscommunication. I finished sewing up the seams of a tunic for Ceridwen last night. Now it's on to the hand finishing. But that's progress. Everything is temporary. That's sometimes a relief.

Pampering night with the girls (Marian and Trudi) we had dinner and then got mani/pedis. The technicians asked us how long we'd been friends. We looked at each other blankly. Marian and Trudi figured almost 30 years and I think I'm in at about 15-17 years! Wow! How did that happen? I'm so thankful for our friendships; we can be silly and zany or studious and productive, but we help keep each other sane. We are usually a little more frugal when we are together but this was just needed tonight. Marian posted pictures of her cats eye nails.

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