Jun. 13th, 2017

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I'm not sure where to begin.  It's been over a month since my last post and life has continued at the incredibly busy Spring pace.  I still have not gotten any study time for my Certification exam so I'm going to be pushing the test out beyond the recommended 6 weeks.

The garden has been one square foot of weeding and planting at a time in snatched moments.  It's not yet all in and there are a great many weeds that still need to be tackled. I have more tomato plants than I expected thanks to a donation from a friend who ran out of space, and also more pepper plants for the same reason.  I have four zucchini plants this year.  Last year I got no zucchini off my plant so I planted more.  Obviously, this will be the year they grow in abundance.  I ran out of beans before I got the trellis planted so I need to get more seeds.  I have planted one variety of beet seeds but I have a mixed variety pack of beet seeds that need to be planted along with carrots, daikon, and parsnips.  All the space for the seeds still has to be cleared.  I'm not sure when I'm going to get that done- Investiture is this weekend and then the 24th we (the family) leave on the first leg of our trip to Hawaii and won't be back until the start of the second week of July.  Thank goodness, it looks like the next two weekends are going to be free so I can catch up on the things that are still undone.

I've also gotten behind on my Stampin' Up! Stamp of the month club.  Life, she is just busy!  I finally caught up on the May stamp of the month club this week.  Since it's only my Mom participating that hasn't been a big deal but I don't like feeling so unprofessional.  I want to catch up on June and July and then I have several ideas for classes.  One is 10-15 minute cards, which is going to take me a bit to figure out.  I tend to be more complex but it's good to get back to basics again.  I also have a request for a children's class.

Durin and Ceridwen won Coronet and will be stepping up as Prince and Princess this weekend.  I've stepped in as Head of Retinue and they are relying on me to keep everything organized.  We started with clothes.  They appointed Geneva/Tessina to be their grab wrangler but I helped her pair fabric and make sense of what we had.  No one is stepping up to help, I'm sure in part because this current reign asked for 60 items of clothing and everyone is burnt out.  They are stepping up in Persian.  I made the patterns for the coats and her pants and passed that off to Tessina while I made under shirts for both of them.  Then Crown came and the King offered Durin a Pelican...which was to be awarded the following week at Egils.  EEEP!  So we dropped everything we could and made him a new outfit.  I made a tunic- it was basic, at his request, with woven trim. Tessina made him pants and there was a collaboration of people that created an apron for him.  I had three days at home between the time we found out and when I had to be onsite to manage gate for Egils but it got done.  I spent some time Wednesday night sewing on trim on site but there was no question it would be done on time (no adding stress to the candidate!).  His elevation went off without a hitch. 

Egils was mostly as expected otherwise.  Not having drops for a gate that had almost 800 people through was problematic and hopefully will never be repeated.  That was more concern and stress than I'd hoped to deal with.  I spent most of my time at gate and when I wasn't at gate or at court, I wandered about feeling a bit homeless.  I was eating in one camp, camping in another, and visiting with my godsons and family in yet another.  I couldn't figure out where I belonged and as a result felt kinda unwanted and unseen.  I'm not sure what the answer is.  Ceridwen expressed that they'd done everything the could in the last few years to make me understand that their camp is my home too but that I still wasn't comfortable.  I know that they welcome me, but others, I feel, kinda treat me like some sort of undesirable relative that they have to put up with because I live there.  There is a whole lot of  "who are you and what are you doing here" kind of expressions.  I go way back with Durin and Ceridwen- about 17 years, and there is no one left from that time who remembers that; everyone is new and they don't have the context, I guess.  And because I go way back with them, they just expect me to be there.  There is nothing special about me being there.  I guess that means that there has never been any notice paid that I'm supposed to be there....I don't know.  I don't want to be made a big deal of, that would make me uncomfortable.  There are a few people who visit the camp and have to be treated as the center of attention whenever they arrive so that everyone knows they are special.  I find that off putting but I guess everyone wants to feel like people light up because you are there.  I know I wish I had that effect on people instead of ghosting about.

Investiture is this weekend in Corvaria (Redmond). I could not figure out how I was going to get packed until I had the brilliant idea of scheduling a doctor's appointment Friday early afternoon so I could take the afternoon off.  I need an eye exam and new glasses.  For some reason, my eyes do not like the poly carbonate lenses; it's like they notice the curvature on the lenses more and it makes me motion sick and my eyes tired. The first time I tried the polycarbonate made me see double.  These haven't been as bad but they certainly aren't good and I've been trying to deal with them for almost a year. I'm hopeful that the appointment and new glasses will help.  The getting off work early was just a bonus that I was able to use to my advantage. I'm planning to pack light.  I'm going to leave my garb trunk home and only take a small selection of clothes.  I don't need 30 items for a two day event.  I may leave my lantern trunk at home as well although it's a great bedside table.  I'm going to try to pack cold food so I don't have to take a kitchen. I may even try for food that doesn't have to be refrigerated so I don't have to get ice and pack a cooler.  I need to figure out how to make camping less onerous so that I can do the number of events necessary for being on a retinue without killing myself off. I think I'll also take a smaller container of water instead of my six gallon container. Time to simplify.  I can't skimp on the bed without paying for it.  Still I think these small changes will make a difference.

After investiture, it's time to pack for Hawaii.  We fly out of San Francisco on the 26th but we are driving down to Vallejo on the 24th.  All the family is meeting at, what is sure to be, my brother's very crowded house.  We have a house on Oahu for 10 days.  That sounds like a nice long time but I'm not sure what all people are going to want to do.  My list so far which has some overlap with everyone else:

  • Pearl Harbor
  • Snorkeling
  • Koko Crater Botanical gardens
  • Ho'omaluhia Botanical Garden
  • Lyon Arboretum
  • Diamond Head? (this is a six am type hike due to crowds)
  • Palaces- 'Iolani &Hānaiakamalama
  • Hiking in the rain forest (Manoa Falls but maybe something less touristy, our host may help with that.)
  • Makapuu Point Light (3.3 mile hike)?
  • Waimea Valley?
  • Polynesian Cultural Center (This is really my brother's big thing and it sounds interesting, but expensive)
  • Dole plantation
That's more things to do than days so... probably the only things on that list that will happen are the things everyone else wants to do as well.  Historically, my voice doesn't really count on these trips.  I'm hoping it will be better since I've had a conversation with my parents about it but only time will tell.  Obviously I can't expect to always have my own way.

My sister wants to do the "pirate ship" cruise. I'd love to see the old tall ship but I'm not friends with the motion of the ocean.  She and my brother both want to lay about on the beach.  I can handle a couple of hours of that before it gets boring.  But we do have a pool so I can swim every day if I want to without worrying about getting carried away by waves.   I'd like to have some quiet time by myself because that's when I actually relax.  It would be fun to be able to sit quietly and knit in a natural setting. 

I have not quite figured out how to pack for this trip.  We don't have room for more than one bag and a carry-on.  I have a number of sarongs but I'd have to figure out what to wear under and on top of them.  They do have the advantage of packing nice and flat.  I do think I'll take my hiking backpack as my personal item. Unfortunately, I still have to get through a week and a half of work.  I've kinda become disinterested in work but I have to keep engaged.

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