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I'm tired of whining so I won't tell you how my Saturday morning went. Suffice to say that my parent's house is not being at all cooperative.
Saturday afternoon I went to a reception for some friends from church. It was a lovely combination of East meets West.
Calvin is a 48 year old caucasian man- the epitomy of an american boy. Vivian (Vy) is a new US citizen from Vietnam. She's in her 30's but I can't remember exactly how old. I think most of of us thought Cal would never get married. He's a wonderful guy but can be quite chavanistic. He jokes that his woman should walk a step behind and he's only half joking. In this Vy fits him rather well. She's used to the Vietnamese expectations for women but when he steps over the line, she lets him know. They are perfect for each other.

This is the two of them in their Wedding finery (Picture by Holly Scholz).

This is Vy with her two bride's maids. The woman in in the traditional dress on the right is her sister; she came from Vietnam to be here for the wedding (Picture by Holly Scholz).

About halfway through the reception, Vy snuck away. The two of them have this frog prince/princess joke going back and forth and Vy wanted to show Calvin that she could be an American Princess too. She came back wearing this:

She was beautiful. Her mother couldn't come for the ceremony but I understand she sent a recording with her sister that was played at the wedding. She wished them happiness and lots of children...SOON. Cal isn't so certain of this but I'm sure the two of them will figure it out.

Here they are with thier nieces. The boys wouldn't sit still.

They've got lots of family to practice with.

A beautiful day for a wonderful couple. I wish them all the best!

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