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I sat down and talked to my dad and mom over the weekend.  They are so anxious to have me go to Hawaii with the family that they will loan me the money and I can pay it back whenever I can.  I talked to my dad about my concerns that I didn't want to relegated to a 16 year old child.  He honestly didn't know he was doing it.  So, he's aware and if he does it again, I'll call him on it, privately.  I told them that I needed to have some time for myself to recharge. He agreed that was reasonable.  I talked about not having a say in things, he promised to be my advocate. (we'll see how that works).  Mostly, I'd already had this conversation with Mom, so this was about talking to Dad, which is harder for me.  I still have concerns but provided I can get the time off from work, I will plan to go.

In the interim, I managed to blow up my cold so that I now have a barking deep cough- probably transitioning to bronchitis.  The constant coughing gives me a headache, makes my chest and throat hurt, and interferes with sleep.  I did discover that generic Tussin that has reached it's expiration date (2/17) but has not passed it, still does not work.  The new bottle was much more effective.  Sleeping upright on the recliner also helped.  I spent two days at home but the stress of not getting my work done at work eliminated any benefit to that so I decided to do my barking at work instead of at home.  It's funny because work doesn't feel that stressful when I'm there, usually, but leaving things undone is much worse. 
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