Mar. 27th, 2017

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I'm managing another blog for my Stampin' Up! business and it's important to post regularly there to encourage business (Not that I think anyone is looking at it yet).  That makes it hard to get on here and post entries as well.  Besides, it seems like no one is reading these posts any more and often I feel like I'm just whining about life.

It's true life has a propensity for irritation and angst but it's rarely all bad.  However, if no one is interested in my blog, my journal that I write at home is probably sufficient for my personal needs.  I don't need to poison the air waves with life's little annoyances.

In the mass exodus to DreamWidth, many of my friends from LJ didn't share their user names so I don't have access to their accounts to read about their experiences.

It seems to be a common thing.  Many of the blogs I've read over the years have petered out in favor of.....maybe Twitter or Facebook?  I'm losing my illusion of having friends scattered across the world as my international bloggers stop using this apparently antiquated technology. ;>)  That is disappointing because I appreciate seeing how different cultures and people address the day to day challenges of life. It helps me to see that others have similar issues, and sometimes similar solutions.  It also gives me ideas for different solutions and an appreciation for the diversity of our world.

I haven't given up quite yet but, seriously, if you are still on here, give a shout so I know that there are people still out there.

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